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SAGE Eldercare Workshop Restores Family Treasures

Restoring Family Treasures SAGE Eldercare is thrilled to announce that their renowned restoration workshop has restored Mr. Steven Rapkin’s precious Adu Zatua, a wooden ancestor sculpture carved by the Nias people of Indonesia to honor the spirits of loved ones

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Jaylynn Morrison Celebrates 101st Birthday at SAGE Eldercare

Happy 101st birthday Jaylynn Morrison Jaylynn Morrison recently celebrated his 101st birthday surrounded by friends at SAGE Eldercare. Born in 1922, Jaylynn grew up listening to his parents’ wise words and following their advice. He believed that being a good person and taking care

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Make a Senior Smile collecting for SAGE’s Meals on Wheels Participants

An interview with Sutton Carpenter by Ann Beardsley Sutton Carpenter is in his second-year managing Make a Senior Smile, having taken over the reins from his older brother, Rowan, who initiated the project three years ago. They began the effort

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SAGE Prepares for Community Champions Week during March for Meals

20th annual March for Meals City officials and members of community organizations are invited to join SAGE Eldercare during Community Champions Week (March 20-24) as it participates in the 20th annual March for Meals – a month-long, nationwide coming together of local

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