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SAGE Workshop Renews Life for 20-Year-Old Father’s Day Gift

SAGE Workshop Renews 20-Year-Old Father’s Day Gift Ed Midgley of Berkeley Heights received a bench as a Father’s Day gift from his children. After years of outdoor weathering and exposure to the temperatures, it had fallen apart in a distant corner of his garden.

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SAGE Eldercare Closes Resale Shop

Resale Shop Closes SAGE Eldercare, a Summit-based healthcare agency focused on social and medical assistance to the elderly, has closed its Resale Shop at its Chatham Road location in Summit, NJ. The Resale Shop has operated since 1959 in various

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SAGE Launches “The Grotta Fund Library” to Ease Older Adult Loneliness

The Grotta Fund Virtual Library SAGE Eldercare recently launched a new virtual library on its website, sageeldercare.org. The library includes exclusive SAGE exercise, entertainment and educational videos. Funded by a $10,000 grant from the Grotta Fund, the goal of the library

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SAGE Eldercare Welcomes New Executive Director Dr. Thomas Buckley

SAGE Eldercare Welcomes Dr. Thomas Buckley Submitted by Cindy Potters SAGE Eldercare announced Dr. Thomas Buckley will take over as Executive Director of the nonprofit. Buckley replaces Angela Sullivan, who departed SAGE in August. Since 2019, Dr. Buckley has served

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