SAGE Eldercare Workshop Restores Family Treasures

(above, l-r)  Steven Rapkin with his Adu Zatua, and Bob McAnally, manager of the SAGE Eldercare Workshop

Restoring Family Treasures

SAGE Eldercare is thrilled to announce that their renowned restoration workshop has restored Mr. Steven Rapkin’s precious Adu Zatua, a wooden ancestor sculpture carved by the Nias people of Indonesia to honor the spirits of loved ones who have passed for providing guidance. Every statue is different and serves a different purpose. Steven’s Adu Zatua, acquired on a trip to Indonesia over 25 years ago, represents fertility and prosperity.

Ten years ago, Steven had brought his Adu Zatua to SAGE for repairs due to weather damage since his statue stands in a garden braving the harsh elements. Steven was so impressed by the workshop’s results, he said, “last time they put a support in the statue, and it was a much more professional and lasting job.” So, when deciding where to fix his Adu Zatua a second time, Steven was sure SAGE could get the job done.

Steven had total and complete faith in SAGE Eldercare’s restoration workshop, which refurbishes, repairs, and restores old or damaged furniture along with miscellaneous items like Steven’s precious statue. When it was brought in for repairs, Steven’s Adu Zatua was headless, and it had to be put together again. Bob, the workshop’s manager, oversaw fixing the wooden sculpture by extending the central support and restructuring the head. Thanks to Bob, Steven’s Adu Zatua is restored and back at its home in Hoboken.

Since 1961, the SAGE Eldercare Workshop has offered the public fine-quality furniture repair. The volunteers will consider repairing any piece of furniture that can be carried into the workshop. The Workshop has a reputation throughout Union County and beyond for its fine reweaving of caned and rushed chairs. Our artisans are all highly trained volunteers. Proceeds from the Workshop benefit SAGE programming. Prices are reasonable and depend upon the condition of the chair or furniture item and the materials required in the restoration process. The Workshop started out over fifty years ago as a place for older men who no longer had access to a home workshop. Dozens of women have worked in the historically male enclave. Most volunteers are former professionals including investment bankers, college professors, physicians, and scientists. Over the years, they have taught each other caning, rushing and a myriad of other techniques needed to fix the aging furniture brought to them for restoration. The Workshop is in the basement of the SAGE building at 290 Broad Street, Summit and is easily accessible. Shop hours are Mondays through Fridays, 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. For more information about the service or to schedule an appointment to bring in furniture, call 908-598-5531.

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