Summit Free Public Library Unveils New Book Bike

Summit Library to Unveil New Book Bike

The Summit Free Public Library is excited to announce the unveiling of its new Book Bike this spring. This innovative mobile library will offer a unique way for children, teens, and adults to access popular books, library services, and technology at various community events in Summit.

The Book Bike, generously funded by the Summit Free Public Library Foundation, will be making appearances throughout the year, including at Summit’s Family Fun Night on Thursday, June 8, and the Summit Farmers’ Market on Sunday, June 11. Designed for both convenience and accessibility, the modern Book Bike features a clever cargo tricycle frame that incorporates the latest in high tech communications, electric motor assist kits, and appealing visual design, along with exceptional cycling performance and book hauling capabilities. 

“The Book Bike will help us to reach new audiences and bring materials and services to those who may not have had the opportunity to experience the public library,” said Amy Behr-Shields, Director. “The Book Bike is a fun way to show the evolving face of the public library, while also promoting healthy and sustainable living.”

Inside the Bike, an adjustable L-shaped bookshelf and open floor space provide two levels of book display. The lowest level is the perfect height for children to browse materials, while the upper level is at a comfortable height for adults. In addition to its book offerings, the Book Bike features a colorful umbrella, as well as a WiFi hotspot, enabling library staff to create new library cards and check out materials on site. 

Keep an eye out for the Summit Free Public Library’s Book Bike, bringing literature and technology to the community in a fun and engaging way.

The Summit Free Public Library is located at 75 Maple Street, Summit, NJ.

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