SAVE the Trees of Rahway – Episode #2: The Fix

SAVE the Trees of Rahway – Episode #2

The FIXGetting down to the real nitty-gritty we’ll discover the MISTAKES and OVERSIGHTS that we’ve made, and we’ll provide a nifty “toolbox” of solutions we can use to FIX them!!

Did you know there is an official “Community Forestry Management Plan” written for Rahway in 2017 by a Certified Tree Expert?

Unfortunately, we haven’t been following THE PLAN very well and we’ll clearly point out some of the problems that you may recognize that have caused the health and the attractiveness of our town’s street tree population to suffer and decline.

In addition, we have an experienced local Realtor explain how valuable Rahway’s famed tree-lined streets are to prospective house hunters and how positively trees effect our homeowner’s bottom line.

In Episode 1 of “SAVE the Trees of Rahway”, you were given an overview of why our urban forest is dwindling and why it’s so important for us to begin today to replenish our tree population.

Now, in Episode 2 of “SAVE the Trees of Rahway”, we look at specific TREE TRAGEDIES that have befallen our urban forest and see how THE PLAN’S PRACTICES can easily guide us onto the right path towards making Rahway lush and green once again.

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