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Merck Virtual Lab at Franklin Elementary School

Submitted by Linda Lospinoso Lampert On Monday, February 4, 2019, Mrs. Nicole Brighouse’s sixth-graders at Franklin Elementary School in Rahway participated in a Virtual Lab experiment offered by Students-2-Science. This experiment was conducted interactively through the use of a web

Special NAACP Honor Bolstered by Notable Behind-the-Scenes Support

Submitted by David Brighouse It is not an altogether uncommon occurrence when a story one is researching and writing starts out ostensibly about one thing and then gradually shifts its focus, main idea, or lesson as the details get filled

Rahway High School Expanded Breakfast Program

High School Awarded Grant to Expand School Breakfast Program Students at Rahway High School enjoy breakfast from their new “Grab n Go” breakfast cart, which was unveiled at a celebration hosted by American Dairy Association North East on March 14,

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Roosevelt School PBSIS

The students of Roosevelt School in Rahway earned a school-wide PBSIS event on Friday, February 8, 2019, because of their good behavior by acting responsible, safe, and kind. Each child painted an emoji themed design that they were able to