Renna Media: Developing our Online Presence

Being the daughter of Joe and Tina Renna, owners of the Renna Media business that publishes 13 local newspapers in Union and Somerset Counties in New Jersey, has allowed me to develop an appreciation for the role our communities play in our lives. Being born into a generation where much of our social connectivity is online, it’s refreshing to see the stories that come through my parents’ publications. My dad calls it being “in the business of nostalgia”, giving people access to a sense of community that we often miss out on in our tech-driven world. In modern, fast paced lives, a publication with the stories of local families and communities in print is a beautiful medium that allows us to connect with our neighbors, celebrate our achievements and reminisce about our pasts.

My father, Joe Renna, has had a passion for photography and community his whole life, and thus has amassed over 40 years of photographs and stories. To help share these stories, old and new, we are developing our presence online, both on and Facebook. In accordance with our mission to keep our news and stories hyperlocal, we’ve created a Facebook page for each of our publications. By logging on and ‘liking’ your local publications, you can be sure to stay connected with upcoming community events, local news, and stories and pictures from the past.

Please take the time to join us online in keeping the stories of our communities alive and share in the nostalgia of past and present.

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Written by Angela Renna, daughter of Joe and Tina