Franklin Elementary School Year Kicks Off with “Chalk the Walk” Event

School Year Kicks Off with “Chalk the Walk” Event

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Franklin Elementary School in Rahway welcomed the 6th-grade students and their families on Saturday, September 2, 2023, for an exciting and colorful “Chalk the Walk” event. This exciting gathering, sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), aimed to build enthusiasm and anticipation for the upcoming school year, which took place on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

The “Chalk the Walk” event was a success, with families, students, and staff coming together to create a festive atmosphere that radiated positivity and community spirit. Parents seized the opportunity to forge new friendships and connections, while students reveled in the fun-filled activities and camaraderie that marked this special occasion.

Dr. Patrick Holness, the principal of Franklin School, expressed his delight at the event’s success and his eagerness to establish it as an annual tradition. “We believe that fostering a sense of excitement and togetherness on the eve of the school year is vital for our students and their families,” remarked Dr. Holness. “The ‘Chalk the Walk’ event was a fantastic way to kick off the year, and we look forward to continuing this tradition in the years to come.”

The event’s highlight was the artistic outpouring of creativity by the 6th-grade students and their families, who transformed the school’s walkways into a colorful canvas of welcome-back messages and inspirational artwork. These messages, created with vibrant chalk, greeted all students as they entered the school grounds on the first day giving them a warm and motivating start to their academic journey this year.

As students stepped onto the school property for the first time this year, their smiles and excitement were palpable. The “Chalk the Walk” event succeeded in instilling a sense of belonging and pride in the Franklin Elementary School community, setting a positive tone for the upcoming school year.

Franklin Elementary School looks forward to the continued support and participation of its dedicated students, families, and staff in future “Chalk the Walk” events, which promise to be a cherished tradition for years to come.

Photos by Rahway Public Schools

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