Clark Students Salute our Local HeroesClark Students Salute Local Heroes

heroesThe students of Miss Nina Sinicropi’s 5th grade class at Frank K. Hehnly School in Clark have a busy schedule of interviews over the following months, and no they aren’t applying for jobs. The 5th grade students will be interviewing local veterans, and active armed forces members in preparation for a Memorial Day event that is not to be missed. Multitudes of local veterans and servicemen and women of all ages, and backgrounds will be in attendance on May 23rd both to share their sentiment of the importance of the day, as well as to be deservingly recognized. Local and state politicians along with dignitaries have also been invited to share in this celebration of one of our nation’s most patriotically important holidays. In the months leading up to this event, Clark students will be creating biographies of the past and present servicemen and women they interview which will be combined and published to form a showcase of the full spectrum of our local heroes.

Recently Miss Sinicropi’s 5th grade students were visited by Private First Class Adam Kipnis and Cadet Sergeant Sara Vagie. Private First Class Adam Kipnis is an Arthur L. Johnson alumnus of 2009 who currently attends Montclair State University and works in computer detection systems repair in the United States Army National Guard. Cadet Sergeant Sara Vagie is an Arthur L. Johnson alumna of 2011 who is currently attending West Point and will graduate in spring 2015 as a second Lt. in the Army. Both armed forces members shared their stories, childhood, and some of their unique training, along with allowing students the chance to learn how to properly salute. Many interviews will be conducted in the coming weeks, but each will bring with it a unique sense of what serving our country truly means.