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The Peterstown Book Cent’Anni

The Peterstown Book: The 100 year history of an Italian-American neighborhood The Peterstown Book is the 100 year history of an Italian-American neighborhood told through stories about the people and families who lived there. The book records the oral history in

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Firefighters Receive Award for Service

Elizabeth Firefighters FMBA Local 9 was a recipient of the Community Service Award by Missionaries on a Mission for community involvement, outstanding leadership, and outstanding achievements. The award was presented by President Missionary Cerise Simmons at the Missionaries on a

Social Media: Op Ed Piece

This is the opinion piece that was published in April’s issue of the Peterstown newspaper. In light of developing our presence on social media, we are posting it here. Please go and ‘like’ our page Renna Media on facebook and

Peterstown Super Bowl Party 2015

Peterstown Super Bowl Party 2015 photo album can be found at Peterstown NJ