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The Peterstown Book: The 100 year history of an Italian-American neighborhood

The Peterstown Book is the 100 year history of an Italian-American neighborhood told through stories about the people and families who lived there. The book records the oral history in danger of being lost and illustrates the traditions and customs of the community through thousands of photos, hundreds of recipes, and anecdotes shared by residents past and present.

The book has mass appeal to anyone interested in American history and how the rich Italian culture was weaved into it by those who arrived since the turn of the 20th century and their descendants. Every aspect of life is represented in its chapters, especially the dynamics of the family, social clubs and of the church. The book shows the contributions that were made to society in the arts and entertainment fields, sports, science, humanities and of course “the food.” Over 200 recipes accompanied by background stories fill a hundred-page chapter.

People of all ethnicities can relate to universal themes addressed in the book highlighting the struggles and triumphs of families in search of the American dream, which was achieved through hard work, a strong family value system and dedication to the church.

This book is not only about the greatest generation but of those who gave rise to them and the generations that followed. It is a nostalgic look at The Great Depression, WWII and Baby Boomers. It also serves as a guide to future generations who, sadly, will not experience the sense of community that was prevalent in these old-time neighborhoods. The Peterstown Book intends to preserve the great Italian-American culture of the past century.

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(above) Book authors Joe and Tina Renna

The Peterstown Book
By Joe & Tina Renna
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Release date: October 2013
Published by: Renna Media
ISBN 978-0-615-90305-7

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