Garden Club of Westfield’s September Garden of the Month

(above) Jason and Victoria Beyer’s garden was named September Garden of the Month by the Garden Club of Westfield.

September’s Garden of the Month

The Garden Club of Westfield has chosen the outstanding garden of Jason and Victoria Beyer at 631 Fourth Avenue as their September Garden of the Month. Mr. Beyer has enjoyed gardening since his youth when he helped his parents take care of their garden. Mr. and Mrs. Beyer purchased their new home in 2017. Since then, Mr. Beyer has transformed the bare bones of the garden with his own harmonious design and selection of plants, which he chose for their form and color. He also credits his father for helping him choose the plants. He planted the two October Glory Maples flanking the front steps in memory of his father. 

Boxwood, Japanese hollies, and feathery ornamental grasses contribute to the structure of the garden. The primary color scheme of purples and pinks complements the grey of the house, while red provides an accent color. A selection of perennials and annuals, including carpet roses, catmint, liriope, Rozanne geraniums, lavender, vinca, and celosia contribute to the color scheme. Japanese and Siberian irises produce more color in spring while the October Glory Maples will blaze in red in autumn. The Beyer garden may be both enjoyed for its overall scheme and admired for its individual plantings.

Courtesy photo

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