Westfield School District Welcomes Graduating Class of 2030

The sun peeked out just long enough for members of the Westfield High School graduating class of 2030 to take turns posing in front of Lincoln School’s sign before beginning their first day in kindergarten on September 6.  A total of 203 kindergarten students are among the 6,317 Pre-K – 12th graders enrolled in the Westfield Public Schools for the 2017-2018 school year. “All 10 schools were ready for our students,” remarked Superintendent Margaret Dolan.  “We are excited to welcome all of our students, including our youngest learners at Lincoln School.”

A Bubbly Entrance
The threat of rain did not dampen the spirit of Lincoln School Pre-K teacher Andrea Taylor who greeted all of the children approaching the school on their first day with celebratory bubbles. Kindergartner Siddhant Nair appreciated the special reception, and was welcomed next by Principal Audrey Zavetz who met each child entering the school.