Weldon & L’Oreal Volunteers Help Westfield Historical Society

(above) Volunteers from the L’Oreal Corporation in Clark worked to spread tons of donated rocks on the Westfield Historical Society’s Reeve House driveway and parking area duringL’Oreal USA Volunteer Day.

Weldon Materials and L’Oreal Volunteers Assist The Westfield Historical Society

Fifteen volunteers from the L’Oreal Corporation of Clark visited the Westfield Historical Society’s Reeve House to take part in their Corporate Volunteer Day held in June. Earlier that morning, The Weldon Materials Company of Westfield delivered tons of donated gravel to the Reeve House.

Thanks to Weldon and L’Oreal, the driveway and parking area of the Reeve House is beautifully covered with a much-needed fresh layer of gravel.

Despite the lingering threat of rain, the L’Oreal Volunteers worked tirelessly to spread the gravel, weed garden beds, polish furniture and take on other maintenance tasks throughout the Reeve House and property.

The Westfield Historical Society celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. Since 1968, the 501(c)(3) non-profit Westfield Historical Society has worked to preserve, interpret and encourage interest in history, Westfield, and its residents through educational efforts and community outreach programs.

For more information on the Westfield Historical Society and their events, visit westfieldhistoricalsociety.org and like us on Facebook.

Submitted by Carol Goggi

(above) TJ Johnson of the Weldon Materials company oversees a delivery of donated rocks for the driveway of the Westfield Historical Society’s Reeve House headquarters.

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