Warren Township Schools Receive Bronze Award

(above, l-r) Mrs. Meredith Fishelman, Mt. Horeb School teacher, Mrs. Michelle Wegener, ALT School teacher, Mrs. Rebecca Sutherland, Central School teacher, Mr. Peter Kassalow, Warren Middle School teacher and Dr. Matthew Mingle, Superintendent of schools.

Warren Schools Bronze Award from Healthier Somerset Workplace

Submitted by Shannon Regan

On September 19, 2019, Dr. Matthew Mingle, superintendent of schools along with other members of the Warren Township Schools’ Wellness Committee, attended the 2019 Healthier Somerset Workplace award ceremony to accept the Bronze Award. The district was being recognized for the first annual employee wellness fair that was held in October of 2018. Warren Township Schools were the only educational sector to be recognized.

During the 2018-2019 school year, the district set a goal to develop programs and practices that support each student and staff member in learning about and practicing a lifestyle that is socially, emotionally, and mentally healthy and as a result, the Wellness Committee was created. Members of the committee include Dr. Matthew Mingle, superintendent of schools, Mr. William Kimmick, director of curriculum, Mrs. Michelle Wegener, Angelo L. Tomaso (ALT) School teacher, Mrs. Rebecca Sutherland, Central School teacher, Mrs. Meredith Fishelman, Mt. Horeb School teacher, Miss. Alexandra Pranzo, Woodland School counselor, Mrs. Carol Brown, student assistance counselor at Warren Middle School (WMS), Mr. Peter Kassalow, WMS teacher, Mrs. Jan Brennan, ALT School nurse and Mrs. Doris Zanchelli, Mt. Horeb School nurse.

According to Zanchelli, “healthy employees are a critical component of a thriving school. Healthy employees provide the continuity and stability that is so essential for educational success. Teachers and school employees are role models for students. Research shows employee health and wellness programs contribute to workplace excellence and job satisfaction in a variety of ways: wellness programs improve employee performance, reduce organizational costs and help create better places to work”.

This year’s Wellness Fair for district employees was held on Tuesday, October 15 at Warren Middle School. The committee has worked long and hard to organize a day full of learning, self-care, educational outreach through local vendors and district employees and a flu shot clinic.

During the Board of Education meeting on October 7, Mr. David Brezee, President of the Warren Township Board of Education recognized this award.

Photo by Warren Township Public Schools

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