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Rahway High School Vows to Further Social Justice for Community’s Children

Rahway Students Candlelit March Submitted by Rob Kinch On Tuesday, June 9, current and former Rahway High School students organized and lead a candlelit march. “It is our duty to speak out and peacefully stand in unity to make certain

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Rahway State Champs Salute the Selfless Champions of First Response, Healthcare, and Community

Rahway State Champs Salute First Responders Submitted by Rob Kinch Fear is ever-present. Anxiety and heartbreak are its unwelcomed partners. Yet each is unceremoniously set aside every minute, every hour, every day so that life can be nurtured, treasured and,

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Rahway Students Share Advice on Adjusting to At-Home Virtual Learning

When the Classroom Isn’t A Classroom Lessons Learned by Rahway District Students Submitted by Rob Kinch No lockers, no bells, not even a lunch line to navigate, all the vestiges of ‘school’ seem absent to the students of Rahway schools

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Rahway High School Freshmen Get Approved for Car Loans

Successful Financial Literacy Freshman Get Approved for Car Loans Submitted by Rob Kinch Relax, parents. No, the state of New Jersey has most certainly not lowered the driving age to include fourteen-year- olds. These teens have, however, raised their collective

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