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Autumn Lawn Care with the Rahway Garden Club

Rahway Garden Club’s September Meeting Join the Rahway Garden Club at Merchants & Drovers Tavern on Thursday, September 19th, 2019 for ‘Autumn Lawn Care’. Meeting to take place from 7pm till 8:30pm at 1632 Saint Georges Avenue at Grand Ave.

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Autumn Lawn Care Reseeding and Renovation with Rahway Garden Club

Autumn Lawn Care Reseeding and Lawn Renovation No matter how beautiful your lawn is it will greatly benefit from autumn reseeding. All plants including grass have a certain life span. As the older grass dies away it leaves spots where

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Rahway Garden Club: Ash Tree Catastrophe Strikes New Jersey

THE ASH TREE CATASTROPHE STRIKES NEW JERSEY EMERALD ASH BORER (EAB) Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a non-native insect pest from Asia that infests and kills all species of ash trees in North America. It was first discovered in southeastern

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Rahway Garden Club “History of Marigolds”

HISTORY OF MARIGOLDS & KEEPING YOUR ANNUALS BLOOMING  Marigolds are a very popular annual flower native to the New World, Mexico and Central America. They were sacred to the Aztec people who attributed magical, religious and medicinal properties to marigolds.

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