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Rahway Garden Club – The History of Onions

THE HISTORY OF ONIONS Many archaeologists, botanists, and food historians believe onions originated in central Asia, while other research suggests onions were first grown in Iran and West Pakistan.  It is presumed that our predecessors discovered and started eating wild

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STARLINGS (European Starlings)

Back Yard Bird Watching When I decided to write about Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) this month, I thought it was going to be an easy topic. A common visitor to our gardens and back yard bird feeders how hard could it

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Cork Oak Trees – ‘Quercus suber’

Cork Oak Trees – ‘Quercus suber’ In our western culture the sound of popping corks is a sure sign of celebration. New Year’s Eve, weddings, child birth or when gathering with old friends, someone is sure to break out a

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WIND POLLINATION The plant pollination process describes the vital method of sexual reproduction in plants. It enables a plant to bear fruit and seeds, many of which are not only eaten by humans, but also by other living species from

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