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MOSQUITOES I originally wrote this article in September of 2020 when Covid made mosquitoes the least of our problems. Now with people out and about, I was encouraged by friends at mosquito control to post it again. To control mosquitoes

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Rahway Garden Club: PLANT VIRUSES

Plant Viruses Although we didn’t realize it at the time when COVID first appeared, many gardeners especially vegetable gardeners, already had a good deal of knowledge on coping with viruses. Planting immune varieties and crop rotations are just a few

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Rahway Garden Club April Meeting

Rahway Garden Club April 2022 Join the Rahway Garden Club at their next meeting on Thursday, April 17th, 2022 at Merchants and Drovers Tavern to discuss planning your Summer Gardens.

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Tree Experts to Survey Rahway Street Trees

Rahway Tree Survey 2022 As you drive around Rahway this spring and summer you may see groups of people gathered around trees in bright yellow vest with clipboards. They are professional tree experts taking a survey of all the street trees

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