September Declared as Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad Month

(above) Mayor, Nora Radest with the SVFAS Chief, John Staunton, and members of the SVFAS.

Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad Month

During the City Council meeting on September 6, Mayor Nora Radest proclaimed September as “Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad month”. 

The Mayor highlighted the Squad’s 60 years of service to the residents of Summit and surrounding communities.  “The dedication and hard work of the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad members provides quality care at no cost to the patient or taxpayer, saving the City of Summit approximately two million dollars per year.”  Mayor Radest emphasized “Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad members, all of whom are volunteers, should not go unrecognized.”

During 2021, the Squad answered more than 2,200 emergency calls.  Services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.  In addition, the Squad regularly provides non-emergency coverage at many community events.

In closing, Mayor Radest asked all citizens to join her in praising these volunteers and lending the Squad their financial support. 

This month, the Squad is commencing its annual fund drive campaign.  The Squad is staffed 100% by volunteers, is funded solely from private donations and does not receive financial support from the City of Summit.  To donate, please visit

To learn more about becoming a member of the Squad and other volunteer opportunities, please visit

Photos by City of Summit

(above) Mayor, Nora Radest with the SVFAS Chief, John Staunton.
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