Sharps and Flats Singing Group Serenades Westfield Rotary

(above) Mr. Losco is directing the students of Roosevelt Intermediate School elite singing group “Sharps and Flats” performing their Annual Holiday Concert for the Rotary Club of Westfield.

Sharps and Flats Serenade Rotary

The Sharps and Flats singing group from Roosevelt Intermediate School (RIS) attended the Rotary Club of Westfield Meeting on December 20, 2022 and serenaded the club members with their annual holiday performance.

The Sharps and Flats is the high level audition vocal ensemble that focuses on all aspects of choral singing. The group represents RIS for all out of school performances. The highlight of their year is their trip to Dorney Park in May. Auditions are required for admittance and only a limited number are selected to join the club, so the sections are balanced- altos, tenors, etc. Mr. Sabino Losco is the advisor and director of the group.

Photo by Chung Kun Shih

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