Senior Housing Available In Bridgewater and Warren Township

Cooperative Housing Corporation (CHC) has housing units available immediately for low-to- moderate income senior citizens in Somerset County. CHC housing includes private spacious rooms in single-level ranch homes for singles and couples, with fees for rent and services based on each individual’s income and assets.
“The rapidly rising cost of supportive housing and long-term care for seniors puts a tremendous burden on both senior citizens and their families,” said Angelo DiOrio, Executive Director, Cooperative Housing Corporation. “CHC is pleased to offer a services-based solution with available units that provide beautiful and affordable places to live, based on an individual’s ability to pay.”
While the term “long term care” (LTC) is most often associated with medical or health based care, such as Assisted Living or Nursing Homes, the reality is that for many seniors the “long” part begins well before the need for that kind of “care”. Frequently, what is required is simply a housing arrangement that includes some supportive services, and not daily medical assistance. As the cost of nursing and assisted living settings continues to skyrocket, alternatives to defer their need for such care are critical to the average senior. CHC offers a senior housing option that extends a senior’s ability to afford a longer period of self-budgeted LTC.
CHC offers two different types of housing for seniors age 62 and older, with income less than $58,600: Independent living for seniors who are capable of managing their own needs, and Supportive housing for seniors who need some assistance with the activities of daily living. Fees for rent never exceed 40% of one’s income while services are paid for on a sliding scale based on each individual’s income and assets. One monthly combined fee includes all CHC expenses!
In CHC homes, residents have their own private suite with bedroom and full bathroom, and share the spacious common areas including living room, dining room, porch, den, spa and hobby room. This shared living model offers the best of both worlds: privacy in one’s own space, yet companionship when desired.
“I enjoy living here because I have my own room and the company of my housemates at the same time,” said Don Sayre, 83, Bridgewater. “I love having my own bathroom!”
Food preparation, housekeeping, even nursing oversight, are provided at a fraction of the cost of other housing alternatives, while Cooperative Housing actively promotes independent living, in a mutually supportive environment. Residents enjoy the comforts of sharing a ranch-style house rather than a large facility. To learn more visit or call 908-526-8130.
About Cooperative Housing Corporation
Cooperative Housing Corporation (CHC) provides affordable, quality housing and services to low/moderate income senior citizens. Through a unique model of shared living, Cooperative Housing offers a cost-effective housing alternative with single-level ranch homes that are handicap accessible and senior- friendly.
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