Put the “Pub” in Public Garden

Hard cider, the original Jersey beverage of choice, and specifically Newark cider, considered by George Washington to be the champagne of ciders in America, will be the offering at Reeves-Reed Arboretum’s fundraiser “Put the ‘Pub’ in Public Garden” Cider Tasting and Oktoberfest, to be held on Friday, October 13, from 7 to 9:30 p.m.
Jersey Cider Works, the home of Ironbound Hard Cider, will be on hand to offer samplings of their complex, interesting and truly delicious hard ciders crafted from 100% fresh-pressed local apples. Not quite dry, not quite sweet, with a viscosity, richness and complexity that rivals a wine, under the direction of “pommelier” Cameron Stark, Ironbound Hard Cider is recreating a storied past. Historical accounts of early Newark are filled with praise for the quantity and the quality of the region’s hard cider. Newark’s abundant apples, prime shipping location, and barrel-making capacity facilitated the export of cider, making hard cider one of the city’s earliest industries. And now, hard cider is the fastest-growing sector of the liquor market.
Montclair resident and entrepreneur Charles Rosen is the founder and CEO of New Ark Farms (the name given to Newark by its Pilgrim founders) and Jersey Cider Works. Rosen’s goal is to create a delicious, locally crafted product while pairing his passion for sustainable agriculture and social justice. To that end, the majority of the workforce of New Ark Farms is made up of the formerly incarcerated. It’s all part of Rosen’s bigger picture plan to merge business needs with societal needs. “I wanted to start a company that was highly focused on community and workforce development to help rebuild the Newark economy,” he said of New Ark Farms. Produce from the farm will also be part of the specialty menu created for and served at the tasting, under the direction of New Ark Farm’s chef, Ben Walmer.
Admission to the evening’s flavorful festivities is $50 per person for RRA members and $65 for nonmembers. The event will be held at Reeves-Reed Arboretum located at 165 Hobart Avenue in Summit. Paid reservations are requested and can be made by calling Doreen Schindler at 908-273-8787 x 1010, or by email d.schindler@reeves-reedarboretum.org . You may also sign up on line at www.reeves-reedarboretum.org. RSVP by October 10. If you’re not yet a member or need to renew, now’s the time!