Many to Thank for Senior Citizen Prom

Submitted by Kim Moriak, Senior Citizen Coordinator.

The Mountainside Senior Citizen Prom was held on Saturday, June 17th. Seniors enjoyed hors d’oeuvres from Mazzella’s with the help from Alex Moriak and Luke and Cole Williams. Afterwards seniors enjoyed desserts made by Karen Bandics and Kiri Williams. Volunteers were Karen Bandics, Sandy VanderMeer, Kathy McGlew, Karen Aryes, and Kiri Williams. Live music was provided by Bud Aryes on double bass, and Ryan Hernandez on guitar. DJ Darien Gomez kept the seniors on their feet.
A big thanks to custodian Ed Aponte who helped turn the 8th grade dance floor into the Senior Prom, and thanks to Deerfield School for providing the space, and for the parents who decorated which added that special touch.
A special thanks goes out to Mayor Mirabelli and Councilwoman Andre for making this night happen. Your efforts and support were greatly appreciated and looking forward to working with both of you on creating a Senior Lounge that our senior citizens will enjoy and upgrading the community room for our community to enjoy.