Two Long Hill Churches Receive Historic Site Plaques

(above) Bill Smullen, Carol Prasa, Sam Cornish, Rev. Victoria McGrath, Mayor Matt Dorsi, Joyce Koenig, and Carolyn Malfatone.

Churches Receive Historic Site Plaques

Historic site plaques were presented to two of Long Hill Township’s oldest churches by the Long Hill Historic Preservation Advisory Committee (HPAC) at the September 14, 2022, Township Committee meeting.

Long Hill Township Historian, Sam Cornish, presented the plaques to Rev. Victoria McGrath of the All Saints Episcopal Church and Joyce Koenig, the Ruling Elder of The First Presbyterian Church of Stirling.

All Saints Episcopal Church was built in 1905 with stone donated by the Millington Quarry. The First Presbyterian Church of Stirling dates back to the founding of Stirling. Its cornerstone was laid in 1872.

The Long Hill Township HPAC is always seeking older homes and buildings with a history to add to their Historic Site Plaques Program. Please contact the Township Historian, Sam Cornish, at 908-803-8474 for more information.

Courtesy photo