Linden Middle School Students Build Community Donation Box

(above) The “Linden Care Box” outside of McManus Middle School in Linden was created by students who want to give community members a place to donate items to help their neighbors.

“Linden Care Box” at McManus Middle School

Linden Public Schools

Students built a community donation box outside McManus Middle School in Linden for community members to contribute what they can and take items as they need them.

Teachers Nicole Marsh and Christine Correia worked with their students to create the “Linden Care Box” as part of the Apple Challenge Series. The box started with donated items for safe indoor activities for children. The theme will change monthly.

“I would like to extend a huge thank you to all who have donated so far,” Marsh said. “I am seriously so grateful and amazed by the amount of support our community has shown towards the ‘Linden Care Box’ so far. I cannot wait to share this with my students when we return in September and to show them what their effort and kindness has helped to produce.”

Photos by Linden Public Schools

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