Boys will be boys. They can be a part of a team – and not just a sports team. Let them learn to be of service to themselves and their community; how to be selfless and have fun at the same time. They can participate in activities that not only strengthens their sense of self, capability and independence but also teaches a morally acceptable way to be responsible members of the community. So come and join the Cub Scouts!! Be part of our pack! Elementary school age is where it begins!
Some examples of things we do are: outdoor AND indoor camping, a self-made car race, fishing derby, and even a sleep over in the Museum of Natural History, NYC! We learn about different aspects of life, including safety and survival, work towards achieving different requirements and earn patches, belt loops and the opportunity to move up the ranks.
We help guide the rite of passage as our cub scouts learn how to become well rounded, strong and responsible young adults. Come check us out. Reach out by email to Afsaneh Thursfield: