Historical Committee Looks for Garwood’s Sweet Side

(above) Garwood’s Centennial Committee published a cookbook in 2003 filled with recipes from its residents, including everything from soups to nuts, and it was a big success!



Garwood has come to be known as “The Small Town with a Big Heart”. There is the North Side and the South Side, now Garwood’s Historical Committee is looking to find its Sweet Side. Many years ago, in 2003, Garwood’s Centennial Committee published a cookbook filled with recipes from its residents, including everything from soups to nuts, and it was a big success!

This time around, on a smaller scale, the Historical Committee is looking for Garwood’s sweet heart. The Committee is asking residents to bring out their favorite sweet recipes, from pies to cakes, brownies to ambrosia, and everything in between. The aim is to collect as many dessert recipes as they can so that they can create a wide-ranging compilation, reflecting Garwood’s sweet side. This endeavor is one of the Historical Committee’s fundraising projects, so that the Committee can maintain funds to preserve and protect its collection of Garwood’s memorabilia and artifacts.

The goal of the Committee is to collect the recipes over the next few months in order to have the recipe book ready, just in time for Valentine’s Day 2020.

If any Garwood resident, or business located in Garwood, is interested in submitting a recipe or two of your favorite goodies, please send them to garwoodhistory@garwood.org, or you can mail them to Garwood Historical Committee, c/o Carol Lombardo, 275 Fourth Avenue, Garwood, NJ 07027.

There will also be a drop-off box located in the Garwood Public Library on Walnut Street. If you like, and the Committee encourages you to do so, please include a few sentences about the recipe, whose it is, why it’s your favorite, and how long it’s been in your family. You can even submit a picture of yourself or your relative who gave you the recipe. The Committee will make every attempt to include this extra information in the recipe book, depending on the amount of recipes received.

When submitting recipes, please include your name, and phone number and/or email in case the Committee needs clarification on your submission.  Garwood’s “big heart” has a sweet side, and the Garwood Historical Committee is determined to show it off!

Submitted by Carol Lombardo

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