Grover Cleveland Kindergarteners Get a Cluck-ing Good Lesson

Photo by Cara Scott

Kindergarteners Get a Cluck-ing Good Lesson

Submitted by Dyan McMillen

Grover Cleveland Elementary School kindergartener’s curiosity about chickens was hatched thanks to a special visit from Quiver Farms in Pennslyvania.

Farmer Joe brought a live hen and a basket of eggs, giving students a firsthand look at these fascinating farmyard creatures. The children learned all about the lifecycle of a chicken, from the egg to the clucking hen.

Farmer Joe even brought along a rooster, explaining how these watchful birds use their loud crows to alert the hens and chicks of any approaching danger. The kindergartners were wide-eyed as they observed the rooster’s impressive crow.

But the learning didn’t stop there!  Farmer Joe also introduced the concept of incubation, using a special incubator he brought along. He explained that while a mama hen naturally keeps her eggs warm with her body heat, an incubator can do the same job, allowing us to hatch chicks even without a hen present.

“This visit was a wonderful way for our students to connect with agriculture and gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from,” said Ms. Scott, a Kindergarten teacher at Grover Cleveland Elementary School. “Seeing a live hen and rooster, along with the incubator, brought the science of chickens to life for our young learners.”

The visit concluded with the kindergartners asking Farmer Joe many enthusiastic questions about chickens, their care, and the exciting prospect of witnessing the eggs hatch in the incubator.

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