Fanwood Rescue Squad and Fire Department Service Awards

(above) Group photos of FRS and FD members with Mayor Mahr

FRS and FD Service Awards 2023

The Fanwood Fire Department and Fanwood Rescue Squad recently held their annual awards dinner at Shackamaxon Country Club in Scotch Plains. In attendance were the families of the volunteers in addition to members of the Fanwood Police Department and the Fanwood governing body. Mayor Colleen Mahr was on hand to swear-in their officers. Includes awards for 2020 and 2021, COVID years when there was no awards dinner.


Due to COVID previous dinners were cancelled, therefore awards for 2020, 2021 and 2022 were presented. The following volunteer firefighters were recognized:

  • 5 Years of Service – Matt Ridge
  • 10 Years of Service – Tony Grasso Jr
  • 15 Years of Service – Joe Route, Dan Piccola, Brian Piccola, Sean Manette
  • 20 Years of Service – Frank Dietl, Jimmy Drewes
  • 25 years of Service – Steve Szanto
  • 30 Years of Service – Doug Germinder, Bruce Padulsky
  • 40 Years of Service – John Piccola, David Zawodniak
  • 45 Years of Service – Rick Regenthal
(above) FRS Capt. Ian Lewis with 35-year member Jamie Pedinoff and 30 year member Dave Zawodniak

Highest Percentage Firefighter

  • 2020 – Dante Clausen
  • 2021 – Dante Clausen
  • 2022 – Ken Gorman 
(above) FRS Capt. Ian Lewis with Jamie Pedinoff and treasurer Nam-June Joe, five year member

Highest Percentage Fire Officer

  • 2020 – Chief John Piccola 
  • 2021 – Chief John Piccola 
  • 2022 – Captain Vincenzo Bianco 
(above) FD Chief John Piccola with 20-year member Jim Drewes


MemberAwardYear eligible
Elizabeth Buckridee10 Year2020
Brian Downing10 Year2020
Nancy Mustachio15 Year2020
Jamie Pedinoff35 Year2020
Nicholas Tripodi5 Year2021
Joan Lozowski10 Year2021
Patricia Buckridee15 Year2021
Jimmy Drewes20 Year2021
Melissa Padulsky20 Year2021
Eric Breidenstein25 Year2021
Nam-June Joe5 year2022
Dave Zawodniak30 year2022
(above) FD Chief John Piccola with 30-year member Bruce Padulsky
(above) FD Chief John Piccola with 45-year member Rick Regenthal
(above) FD Chief John Piccola with 5-year member Matt Ridge

Photos by Nam-June Joe

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