Local students shine in Knights of Columbus Chess Tourney

(above, l-r) Div A winners: Robert Lai, 1st, Calvin Peterson, 2nd, and Toby Monks, 6th.  Div. B: Ritvik Karankal, 1st, and Juan Crenfuegos, 2nd. Dante Bagnara, 5th and Teddy Muccifori, 6th were not present.

Local students shine in K of C Chess Tourney

The Florham Park/Madison Knights of Columbus Swiss Style Round Robin Chess Tourney was played on Saturday March 25, 2023 in the Holy Family Gym in Florham Park. This year attracted a record attendance of 42 players, 20 in the A Division (6th – 8th graders) and 22 players in the B Division (3rd – 5th graders).

Players in A Division played from 8 to of 13 games and players in the B Division played 10 to 17 games. Players received two points for a win, zero for a loss, and one point for a draw. A players total score divided by the number of games they played determined the winner, with 2 being a perfect score. 

(above) Most of the players that participated in the 2023 K of C Chess Tournament.

First and Second place Winners: 

A Division – 1st Place:

  • Robert Lai, 8th grade, Ridgedale Middle School, Florham Park. Undefeated in 8 games. Perfect score of 2. 

A Division – 2nd Place:

  • Calvin Peterson, 8th grader, Madison Middle School, Madison. Played 9 games and scored 1.88. 

B Division – 1st Place:

  • Ritvik Karankal, 4th grade, Brooklake Elementary School, Florham Park.
  • Undefeated in 14 games, Perfect of 2. 

B Division – 2nd Place:

  • Juan Crenfuegos, a 5th grader, Central Avenue School, Madison. Scored 1.87. 

Local players included Teddy Muccifori, 3rd grader at Torey Jay School in Madison took the B Division 6th place ribbon with 1.33. Toby Monks, 8th grader at Chatham Middle School from Chatham played 13 games, and took the A Division 6th place ribbon with 1.38. 

Other local A Division chess players were Joe Caravano, and Nicholas Stefanelli. local B Division players were Leo Orlovsky, Patrick Fox, Charlette Collins, Dominick Ospina, Cliff Woods, Artu Yadav, Luke Healey, and John & James Caravano.  

The tournament included lunch and refreshments for the players. “Judging by the robust cheers by all the players for the winners showed good sportsmanship by all, and everyone had a great time!” said Joe O’Brien, tournament Chairman.

You can follow Knights of Columbus #2248 Madison / Florham Park on Facebook.

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