David Brearley High School offers expanded electives in tech, arts & more

(above) Students selected courses from an eclectic range of options in February including Sound Engineering.

Expanded electives in tech, arts & more

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Classes in graphic design, ceramics and Esports might sound like niche activities that students participate in after school. 

But David Brearley High School offers these courses as part of a varied mix of electives. Esports was introduced at the start of the school year, as were Digital Sound Engineering, Dance, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, and Exploring College and Career Opportunities. Another new entry, Young Adult Literature, begins in the second semester.

Brearley develops electives that encourage innovation and exploration, according to Principal Jeremy Davies.

“We want students to have the opportunity to take classes in their interests,” he said. “And classes that emphasize technology are right in line with our district’s goal of preparing future-ready students.”

A successful October bond referendum permits the district to make building additions and renovations that expand science and technology instruction.

Brearley’s current electives in tech-centered subjects also include:

  • Video Game Design 
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles
  • Introduction to Computer Programming 
  • Web Design I and II 

Students in the new Digital Sound Engineering class have quickly embraced the opportunities to create music, Davies said.

“I heard from a student who recorded her voice, laid her voice over tracks and she’s just come alive with that and is really proud of it,” he said.

Students will met with their counselors before selecting their courses for the 2022-23 school year in February.

Brearley offers a rich variety of classes for every interest, including art, writing and business. Students who might have difficulty focusing in a typical classroom setting have thrived in hands-on classes such as ceramics, Davies noted.

Course selections also include more traditional electives such as journalism, public speaking and graphic design, all of which help students develop important career skills.

“When students are selecting their classes, they should consider where they see themselves after high school,” Davies said, noting that electives could even rule out some potential career paths. “A student could think, ‘I might want to go into business, so it might be good for me to try out accounting. If I hate accounting, I won’t want to go into business.”

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