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Progress on Kenilworth Public Schools District Goals

Progress on District Goals, New Objectives Kenilworth Public Schools Students aren’t the only ones expected to meet standards at Kenilworth Public Schools. The district also sets ambitious goals for itself and its schools, Harding Elementary and Brearley Middle-High School. After

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Kenilworth Public Schools Commemorate Veterans Day

Commemoration of Veterans Day Kenilworth Public Schools For Kenilworth Public Schools, commemorating Veterans Day is an active duty. This year at Harding Elementary School in Kenilworth, NJ, students created thank-you cards and presented them to veterans. Dozens of flags were

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Hispanic Heritage Night Celebrated at Kenilworth Public Schools

Hispanic Heritage Night Celebrated Kenilworth Public Schools Students love a good party, so it’s no surprise that Kenilworth Public Schools’ recent fiesta was hugely popular. The October 14th celebration also included the community – and a vibrant cultural theme.  The district’s Hispanic Heritage Night

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Brearley Middle School’s “Back 2 Basics” Summer Enrichment Program

Summer Enrichment Program Kenilworth Public Schools Brearley Middle School’s “Back 2 Basics” summer enrichment program can best be described as a scenario where summer camp meets school.  But the free program offered through Kenilworth Public Schools is much more than

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