Cranford Canoe Club Announces 4th of July Race Winners


The Cranford Recreation and Parks Department is pleased to announce the winners of the following Canoe Races games and contests held on July 4, 2019:


10 – 13 Years Old:

1st Place:  Sam Slayton & Gabe Westervelt

2nd Place:  Anna McCabe & Rachel Westervelt

3rd Place: Catherine Consorte & Paige Nataline

14 – 20 Years Old:

1st Place:  Dylan Budnik & Jack Carroll

2nd Place:  Johnny Bush & Matt Fonseca

3rd Place:  Caroline McCaffery & Ian Scott

21 Years and Older:

1st Place:  Gavin Murray & Kevin Trotter

2nd Place:  Dylan Budnik & Jack Carroll

3rd Place:  Louis Bock & Paul Starkey

Mother & Child:

1st Place:  Keri & Tori Billows

2nd Place:  Jennifer & Logan Murray

3rd Place:  Emma & Anne Kaminski

Father & Child:

1st Place:  John Snover & Ian Scott

2nd Place: Mike & Mike Scotti

3rd Place: Chris & Max Slayton

Ma & Pa:

1st Place:  Dave Gelber & Becky Scotti

2nd Place:  Kristen & Chris Slayton

3rd Place:  Jessica & Ronald Lyp

Marathon 13 – 17 Yr. Old

1st Place:  Paige Nataline & Catherine Consorte

2nd Place: Anna McCabe & Rachel Westervelt

3rd Place:  n/a

Marathon 18 and Over

1st Place:  Louis Bock, Paul Buonaguro & Paul Starkey

2nd Place:  Dylan Budnik, Johnny Bush & Jack Carroll

3rd Place:  Gavin Murray, Kevin Trotter & Tommy Trotter

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