Staff Appreciation Week at Coles Elementary School

(above) Popcorn and Candy Snack Bar

Coles School Celebrates Its Staff

SP/F Public Schools

Staff Appreciation Week at Coles Elementary School was busy! The week started off with handwritten notes for teachers and staff from students. These notes went in balloon bouquets that were made by CZ Balloons, a business owned by a Coles Moms.

On Tuesday staff was treated to breakfast donated from Coles families and bagels from Fanwood Bagels. Wednesday was the loved Granola Bar with handmade granola from the Berdan family.

Thursday, Hershey’s Deli catered lunch for the staff along with more family lunch donations.

Friday was a delicious popcorn and candy bar- a fun treat for all the sweet staff! Each staff member was also given a bag of goodies put together by Coles families. Everyone really went above and beyond for our “You Lift Us UP” week to show their appreciation for this hardworking staff.

Photos by Scotch Plains Fanwood Public Schools

(above) Balloon bouquet baskets filled with notes of appreciation
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