Berkeley Heights Kids Get Radio Active

By Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

Last month the Berkeley Heights Community Center, 29 Park Avenue, Berkeley Heights, held a Ham Radio, on-the-air operating event for kids called Kids Day, where about 20 kids came out with their parents, braving the cold.
Kids Day is intended to encourage young people, licensed or not, to enjoy Amateur Radio, giving youngsters on-the-air experience so they may develop an interest in electronic technology, and in pursuing a ham radio license in the future.
NPARC, the Amateur Radio Club, based in New Providence, and serving the Watchung Hills area, set up two operating ham radio stations so kids of all ages could participate, making direct radio contacts with other kids at Ham Stations all over the United States.
Carinne Zhou, 9, of Berkeley Heights, was excited to speak on Ham Radio for the very first time. She said, “I’ll get to talk to people in other states!”
Past president Barry Cohen K2JV, was a fan of Ham Radio since he found a book about it as a little kid growing up in the 1930s. As a kid he “got hooked on the concept of talking to people around the world.”
Kids Day occurs twice a year – in January and in June. It is done in cooperation with the Berkeley Heights Recreation Commission, and the New Providence Recreation Department, both of which support the functions performed by NPARC.
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(above) Carinne Zhou, 9, and her mom learn about ham radio.

(above) Club member Brian Deluca W2EME

(above) Carinne Zhou, 9, looked forward to speaking to kids in other states.

(above) Barry Cohen K2JV