Woman’s Club of Westfield Scholarships 2019

(above, l-r) Charlotte Geary, Lauren Kamienski, Ellie Curry, Ava Maurillo, Amy Forbes, Briana Brown, Maxine Stone, Jaime DeDea, Megan Neiswenter and Donna Hornish –Scholarship Committee Chairwoman.

College Woman’s Club of Westfield Announces 2019 Scholarship Recipients

The College Woman’s Club of Westfield awarded $50,000 in Scholarships at its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at Shackamaxon Country Club. The awards were presented to nine young women from Westfield to help them pursue their college education. The recipients were selected based on academic achievement, community service, and financial need.

The Marge McCornack Scholarship, the Jane Orto Scholarship, and the College Woman’s Club of Westfield Scholarships were presented by past president, and scholarship committee chairwoman, Donna Hornish.  Kris Luka presented the Past Presidents’ Scholarship.

Ellie Curry received both the Past Presidents’ Scholarship and a College Woman’s Club Scholarship totaling $8,000. Ms. Curry plans on studying Mathematics and pursuing her degree to the master’s level at Rowan University.

Lauren Kamienski received the Marge McCornack and the College Woman’s Club Scholarships totaling $10,000. Ms. McCornack will attend the University of Delaware and is planning to be a psychology major.

Ava Maurillo received the Jane Orto Scholarship and the College Woman’s Club Scholarship totaling $8,000. Ms. Maurillo will pursue her interest in Biology and Physics at Boston University.

Other awards included: Briana Brown, $1,000 CWC Freshman Grant. Ms. Brown will be attending The College of New Jersey and considering majoring in biology. Jaimie DeDea, $10,000 CWC scholarship. Ms. DeDea will be pursuing an architecture degree at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Amy Forbes, $10,000 CWC scholarship. Ms. Forbes will be attending Penn State University and plans to major in secondary education. Charlotte Geary, $1,000 CWC Freshman Grant. Ms. Geary will be entering the Honors & Scholars Program at The Ohio State University, where she plans to major in business/marketing. Megan Neiswenter $1,000 CWC Freshman Grant. Ms. Neiswenter is pursuing a nursing degree at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Maxine Stone $1,000 CWC Freshman Grant. Ms. Stone is pursuing her love for the arts at Muhlenberg College.

The College Woman’s Club of Westfield is proud to acknowledge this outstanding group of young women. Applications for the scholarship are available through local high school guidance departments in February of each year and are evaluated by a committee of CWC members each spring. Funds for the scholarships come from community donations, nominal membership dues, interest on investments and legacies from our members.

More pictures from the event can be found here: http://www.cwclubwestfield.org/2019-scholarship-awards-dinner/.

To learn more about the CWC, please go to .cwclubwestfield.org.  Feel free to contact the College Woman’s Club directly by email at:  cwc.westfield@gmail.com.

Submitted by Ingrid Mckinley

(above) Past presidents of the College Woman’s Club of Westfield

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