Westfield Students Intern at Imagine

This summer Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss, was the fortunate beneficiary of the work of four interns. Pictured here from Westfield are Matt Enslin (L) a rising Senior at Lehigh University, and Will Sherry (R) a rising Senior at Westfield High School. Not pictured are Ronan Limroth, a graduate of Chatham High School heading to University of North Carolina, and Melissa Mirabelli of Mountainside, a rising Junior at Villanova. “We are so very grateful for the hard work, expertise and productivity of these young people. They accomplished a great deal for Imagine and were a pleasure to work with,” said Imagine Executive Director Mary Robinson. “We will be looking for more interns for next year and are currently looking for a Graduate Student to work with us this coming year.” For information on volunteering contact Imagine at 908-264-3100 or visit www.imaginenj.org.