Westfield Girl Scout’s Buddy Bench Project

Westfield Girl Scout Project to Benefit Rahway students

Isabella Scipioni, a Cadette Girl Scout in Troop 40186 from Edison Intermediate School in Westfield recently spoke to the Rahway Public School’s Education Committee about a project she would like to complete for Franklin Elementary School. Isabella created a PowerPoint presentation explaining her role as a Girl Scout and the requirements needed to earn her Silver Award. The Silver Award is the highest honor a Cadette Girl Scout can earn.

The project she proposed is creating two Buddy Benches to be used for students in PreK to 2nd grade during their recess time. A Buddy Bench is not your typical bench. Buddy Benches are for children to use if they have no one to play with or need a friend to talk to. A student will sit on the bench, which will signal another child who sees them to include them in their play or activity. It can also signal a student to sit down and listen if a child needs a friend to talk to. The Buddy Bench teaches children about caring, kindness, and to include their fellow classmates. Isabella intends to create a youtube video to help educate both the teachers and students in Franklin School about the proper use of their new Buddy Benches. The school looks forward to her completing the project by September 1, 2019.

Photo by Rahway Public Schools

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