Westfield Area Y Kindergarteners Learn About Fire Safety During Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month and as a part of their lesson on fire safety, the Westfield Area Y’s students from Mrs. Hahn’s and Mrs. Sanchez’s full day Kindergarten classes visited the Westfield Fire House. The children were so excited to see the firemen and the big fire trucks! They put on their red fire hats, listened and learned all about Fire Safety and what to do in the event of a fire.
Thanks to the Annual Support Campaign for strong kids, families and seniors, at the Westfield Area Y no one who is experiencing a bona fide financial hardship is denied the opportunity to participate. In 2014, we provided $423,604 in direct financial assistance to 271 individuals, primarily for child care and summer camp services. When you give to the Y, your gift has a meaningful, enduring impact right here in our community.

Firehouse group shot 2015

(above) The Westfield Area Y’s Kindergarteners from Mrs. Hahn’s class enjoyed their visit to the Westfield Fire House.