Warren Township Education Association Receives Grants to Support the Community

(above) Mrs. Jane Auriemma dropping off lunches and snacks to the Kings grocery store employees.

WTEA Receives a Grant to Help Warren Township

Submitted by Shannon Regan

Central School’s very own school secretary, Mrs. Jane Auriemma, applied for a special grant on behalf of the Warren Township Education Association (WTEA) through the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). Each year the NJEA provides grants for school districts to complete projects that support the community.

Auriemma was fortunate to receive five PRIDE grants which allowed the WTEA to provide lunch to local essential workers in businesses such as Kings, Acme, Walgreens, Warrenville Hardware, and the Warren Township Police Department.

Additionally, on behalf of the WTEA, Auriemma will be ordering lawn signs that will express gratitude for essential workers for each school and 500 masks for community members in need.

“I am very happy to represent the Warren Educators in presenting a token of appreciation to some of Warren’s essential workers. This is a small gesture to show we care about them during these challenging times. These essential workers are keeping us safe, healthy, and fed,” Auriemma stated.

Mrs. Frances Blabolil, WTEA President, added: “I am thrilled that through the Pride grants, we are able to show our support to the essential workers who are working hard to support the Warren community.”

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