Epic Adventure: Scouts Conquer West Point Camporee

(above) Air rifle range

Troop 19 Scouts Conquer West Point Camporee

Scouts BSA Troop 19

Thirty members of Scouts BSA Troop 19, chartered at St. Rose of Lima Church in Short Hills, recently embarked on an enriching journey to the 60th Annual West Point Scoutmasters’ Council Camporee at Lake Frederick. Joined by approximately 3,000 fellow Scouts, some traveling from as far as Michigan, Troop 19 embraced the opportunity to explore new horizons and engage in a plethora of activities.

Assistant Scoutmaster Victoria Brazell commended the Scouts for their enthusiasm in embracing novel experiences. From early morning calisthenics alongside West Point Cadets to mastering drill commands and radio communication techniques, Troop 19 relished the chance to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of future military leaders. Throughout their visit, interactions with Cadets were characterized by politeness, helpfulness, and effective communication, highlighting the shared values between Scouts and Cadets.

(above) Drill instruction

The camporee featured an array of engaging events tailored to challenge and inspire the Scouts:

  • Air Rifle: Scouts honed their marksmanship skills under the guidance of Cadets, aiming at targets downrange.
  • Camouflage: Attention to detail was promoted as Scouts competed in applying camouflage patterns.
  • Drill: Scouts learned the intricate skills necessary for executing drill ceremonies with precision.
  • Fire: Mastery of fire-building techniques was tested as Scouts raced to burn through a string at a specified height.
  • First Aid: Scouts were trained to administer first aid in simulated combat scenarios, emphasizing tactical care and evacuation procedures.
(above) Fire starting

Second Class Scout Ellie Park, with aspirations of attending West Point, reflected on the camporee as a deeply meaningful experience. Beyond the military-themed activities, she cherished the opportunity to engage with Cadets, admiring their kindness, strength, and leadership qualities.

First Class Scout Penelope Brazell shared similar sentiments, expressing, “I found the West Point Camporee to be an incredibly enjoyable experience, one that will last with me for years to come. I found the military-based exercises quite enjoyable, and I believe I will be able to look back on the memories of doing these activities with my fellow scouts for many years.”

Troop 19 extends an invitation to girls aged 11-17 seeking adventure and camaraderie. To join in the scouting experience and embark on thrilling adventures, visit Troop 19’s website at troop19shorthills.membershiptoolkit.com.

Photos by Scouts BSA Troop 19

(above) Scouts with cadet parachutist
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