The 4th Annual Cranford Porchfest Kicks Off Tomorrow!

Cranford Porchfest, Sat., Oct 10

Submitted by Ashley Legg

On Saturday, October 10, the 4th Annual Cranford Porchfest will kick off with bands rocking and rolling all over town. Ten homes will host three bands each, starting at 2 in the afternoon until 5:00 p.m. There will be a grand finale show at 5:30 p.m. at two finale locations, details to follow.

Bands will play music from a variety of genres and most are New Jersey locals to boot! Some folks traipse from one porch to another checking out their favorite bands while others park themselves with friends on a single lawn for hours of live music.

Due to this year’s pandemic, safety, as with all Cranford Community Connection events, is our number one priority. We are working hand in hand with the Cranford Police Department and the Office of Emergency Management for this year’s event. Given the state safety protocols for social gatherings, and closing of blocks, it is required that everyone social distance and use masks for public safety.

There will also be specific instructions for homeowners and our Cranford Community Connection team will be out in the neighborhoods monitoring social distancing and use of masks. Above all, we know we can count on our Cranford community to do what’s right for their neighbors.

We will also be adding a virtual component this year for those who are unable or uncomfortable to attend in person. We will provide a live Facebook stream in conjunction with Virtual Cranford.

We are thrilled to move forward with Cranford Porchfest this year because our committee wants to return a sense of normalcy back into our community. Knowing that so much has been altered and/or cancelled, we felt this event was not only wanted, but needed. We are also motivated by the positive feedback we have received from the residents. It is wonderful to read how Cranford Porchfest has become the number one event for our town.

We are extremely excited to continue this tradition during this not so traditional time. We cannot wait to see people out having a great time with neighbors, enjoying this amazing event safely!

Be sure to go to our website to find all event information, an interactive map and a list of bands. Also look for our commemorative Porchfest T-shirt sold at Cougar Headquarters.

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