WHS Student Michelle Audino Works on Tees 2 Totes Project

(above) Tees 2 Totes Demo at Brightwood Park during Girl Scout Week 2021.

Tees 2 Totes Girl Scout Gold Award

Looking for a fun easy craft to do with your friends, family, youth groups, sports teams, students, and clubs that can support the community and save the environment? Help Recycle Tee Shirts into Totes bags!

Michelle Audino is a High School Sophomore at Westfield High School in Girl Scout Troop 40491 working on her Girl Scout Gold Award – Tees 2 Totes.

The clothing industry is the second largest industrial and freshwater polluter. Not to mention single use plastic bags will be banned from stores in New Jersey effective May 2022.

Recycling T-shirts into totes bags will address two environmental issues 1) cutting down fast fashion pollution and 2) cutting down plastic pollution in our landfills and oceans.

The completed, recycled t-shirt totes bags will be donated to various organizations including the Center of Hope Hospice Thrift Store in Downtown Westfield and the Holy Trinity Food Pantry. 

If you want to contribute to the project, Michelle is happy to conduct Zoom meetings with your organizations to make the totes. Please contact her through her email mmaitunes@gmail.com.

For personal use, feel free to view the detailed step by step instructions in her YouTube video, “Tees 2 Totes T-shirt Tote Bag Tutorial”. If viewed, please complete the survey linked in the bio of the video.