Sustainable Berkeley Heights Inspires Residents with Pre-Earth Day Campaign

Sustainable Berkeley Heights 7 Days Pre-Earth Day Campaign

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2020, from April 15 – 21, 2020, local non-profit Sustainable Berkeley Heights devised seven different ways for residents to engage in fun-filled, nature-focused activities for both indoors and outdoors during its “7 Days Pre-Earth Day” campaign.

Each day featured activities that people could do individually or with their families, with minimal effort. The indoor activities included growing tomatoes in potting soil, engaging in Earth Day-themed crafts, building birdhouses, and cleaning out closets so that gently worn clothing and shoes could be re-used and upcycled. The outdoor activities included going on a scavenger hunt, taking a walk or bike ride, and having a picnic.

According to Sustainable Berkeley Heights Vice President Julie Lloyd, “The idea behind this effort was to get people to focus on mindfulness and gratitude by engaging in activities that spurred creativity and enabled neighbors to connect with nature as well as their family members while observing social distancing.”

People were invited to share pictures they took while engaging in these activities. Submissions received included baby turtles climbing onto a rock as they emerged from a waterway, beautiful local flowers in bloom, and blossoming bushes and trees.

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