Students Thrive at Robert Gordon Elementary School

(above) Principal Elise A. Genao Courtesy photo

Students Thrive at Robert Gordon School

Submitted by Staff at RG 

In honor of Women’s History Month, it is important to be celebrating the women who are currently making history right here in our area. Principal Elise A. Genao is doing just that at Robert Gordon School (RG) in Roselle Park, NJ. Under the leadership of Principal Genao, our children are thriving in all aspects of their education. Robert Gordon has been packed full of exciting events and activities all geared toward a well-rounded academic and social emotional education for our children.   

The staff at RG have been working hard to build the students back up after the detrimental effects on their growth during the pandemic. At Robert Gordon’s Read Across America Night on March 1, 2023, all parents in attendance were presented with exciting information about our children’s academic growth. Mrs. Genao did a brief presentation about the increase in reading levels throughout the school. It was incredible to learn that 100% of children receiving reading interventions have grown anywhere from 1-3+ reading levels so far this school year. Additionally, a total of 30% of our children have exited the reading intervention program as they are now reading at grade level. We all know how important reading is for our children’s future not only throughout their career as students but also throughout their lives as adults. This growth speaks volumes to the work being done with our children at RG and the impact being made to improve their future.  

In addition to all of the academic growth being made throughout the school, the opportunities for social emotional growth are also encouraging growth in our children. This year Mrs. Genao has started after school programs that encourage our children to work together and take part in meaningful interactions with each other as their social skills grow. Earlier this year, the program was an arts and crafts theme. Currently, there is a cooking program and an RG newspaper being created by the students. There will also be new and different programs beginning in the spring. The wide variety of themes with each program offered has provided something all our children find interesting and want to be a part of.  

This is just a small sample of great things that are happening at RG thanks to Mrs. Genao. She has brought so much positivity and many growth opportunities for our children in the few years she has been our principal.  Under her leadership, our children will continue to grow and thrive as they go through their elementary education. Thank you to Mrs. Genao for everything she has done and continues to do at Robert Gordon Elementary School.

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