SPF Scholarship Foundation Application Now Available

Scholarship Foundation 2021 Application

Submitted by Michelle Wyrwa

The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Scholarship Foundation is currently accepting applications for high school seniors graduating in 2021 who reside in Scotch Plains or Fanwood, and those residents attending college or other post high school institutions for scholarships. 

The numerous scholarships offered by the Foundation range in criteria; some awards are need-based, while others have criteria such as the intent to pursue an education focused on teaching, nursing, mathematics, veterinary science, foreign language, music or fine arts, among many others. The major criterion for eligibility is that the applicant resides in Scotch Plains or Fanwood; an applicant need not be a graduate of the Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School. 

Applications can be found through the Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School counseling office and on spfscholarshipfoundation.org. In addition to the application, the Foundation requires a personal essay from the applicant, a letter of reference, and an official high school or college transcript. 

The Foundation recognizes that COVID-19 has presented many challenges to students, and wants applicants to know that the unique circumstances of this year will be taken into account when applications are reviewed. 

Submissions must be domestically postmarked by February 13 and mailed to SPF Scholarship Foundation (Attn: Screening Committee) PO Box 123, Fanwood NJ, 07023 in order to be eligible for consideration. Applications postmarked after February 13 will be returned and incomplete or unsigned applications may not be considered. Applications may be completed on the Foundation’s website, spfscholarshipfoundation.org, but must be printed and mailed as directed for consideration. 

Since its inception in 1966, the Foundation has awarded over $3,500,000 in scholarships to 3,310 deserving recipients. Scholarships are funded through a community-wide appeal for donations to the Foundation’s Dollars for Students program. Other scholarships are administered by the Foundation, but are funded by community organizations; for example, every Parent-Teacher Association in the district funds at least one scholarship. 

Given the challenges posed to students amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation recognizes that the need for scholarship assistance is greater than ever, and encourages all eligible students to submit their application. 

Applications are reviewed by a Screening Committee consisting of at least four Trustees from the SPF Scholarship Foundation and PTA representatives from the public schools. For further information, please visit spfscholarshipfoundation.org.