Sophia Mekbeb Nationally Recognized Poet

This spring, Sophia Mekbeb, a 4th grader at William McGinn Elementary School in Scotch Plains, and the daughter of Bisret and Jennifer Mekbeb, submitted a poem to a contest that was held for student writers throughout the United States.
Sophia’s poem, “A Tree in the Wood”, was selected from thousands of entries as one of the ten best in her grade division. The contest was held for students in grades K-9. The top ten writers in each division received special recognition in the poetry anthology ‘A Celebration of Poets’ and will receive a complimentary copy of the anthology and a $25 check. Poems are selected for their literary merit, creativity, and social significance.
Creative Communication sponsors this contest to offer a creative outlet that honors youth. Stating that too often the efforts of young writers are unrecognized and they lose their motivation to express themselves. Creative Communication awards thousands of dollars to schools each year in classroom supplies with its Classroom Rewards Program to further encourage young people’s writings, and over the past 20 years has given over $1 million in grants and awards to students, schools, and teachers.
The upcoming poetry contest deadline is August 18, 2017. This is not a contest where every entry is accepted for publication. Poems of high merit will receive an invitation to be published in an anthology. To enter, go to Students may enter one original poem of 21 lines or less. For further information about the contest, contact 435-713- 4411 or email

(above) Sophia Mekbeb will be entering 5th grade at Terrill Middle School in the Fall of 2017.