Snow removal guidelines and prohibited parking in Summit

Snow removal guidelines and prohibited parking

City of Summit

Please be advised of the following information and guidelines relating to snow removal and parking in Summit during inclement weather:

Prohibited street parking

By municipal ordinance 7-8.3, parking is temporarily prohibited on all City of Summit streets when snow is forecast overnight and during all snow, ice, and inclement weather storm events. Vehicles left on the roadway may be ticketed or towed at the expense of the owner. The parking ban remains in effect post-storm until streets have been plowed sufficiently from curb-line to curb-line.

Officials are encouraging residents to park vehicles in driveways and, if possible, share space with neighbors without a driveway. Overnight access from Friday, January 19 at 7PM to Monday, January 22 at 5AM is available at no cost at the Broad Street Garage adjacent to the Summit train station and Tier Garage on Springfield Avenue for residents needing to move cars off city streets during plowing operations.

Closures of upper levels of parking garages

In anticipation of snow and with concern for safety, the open, upper levels of the Broad Street and Tier garages will be closed beginning at 6AM on Friday, January 19. Parking will be permitted only in covered parking areas. Non-residential commuter parking will be allowed in all spots in the Broad Street garage on Friday as well.

Snow removal guidelines

According to city ordinance, it is required to clear snow from sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of the snowfall. Property owners who do not comply with ordinance rules may be subject to a warning or fine. More information on snow guidelines from the City of Summit, including how the city plows and snow removal priorities, is available at