Silver Liming Spreads Kindness to Governor Livingston Graduates

(above) Governor Livingston High School Seniors enjoyed t-shirts given to them by the Silver Liming Foundation at Project Graduation.

Silver Liming Spreads Kindness to GL Graduates

Submitted by Julie Lloyd

Silver Liming Foundation, a local non-profit with a mission to spread kindness, recently turned its attention to our Governor Livingston (GL) High School Seniors. They were having a tough time as COVID regulations limited sports, band, classes, and everything that makes for a “normal” year. With permission from the school district, Silver Liming Foundation members bestowed a unique gift upon each of these resilient seniors: Every graduate of the GL Class of 2021 received a custom-made, personalized t-shirt with their name on the back. The seniors were excited to wear their new shirts at Project Graduation. 

In addition, Sliver Liming again awarded its annual $500 scholarship to a Governor Livingston High Senior who exudes kindness without seeking accolades. Athena Nguyen has received the 2021 Silver Liming Making a Difference Scholarship. She was nominated by six staff members at GL because she consistently helps others, is kind to everyone, and does it all with a smile. 

When given the award, Athena said, “I promise I will keep being kind.” She inquired if she earned the award because she was deaf, and was pleased to learn that the award was solely based on her kindness. 

Athena was president of two clubs, GL Deaf Highlander Club and the American Sign Language Club. Facing challenges in the classroom as a deaf student, Athena focused on her interpreters in mainstream classes. This was strenuous on her eyes, but instead of complaining, she encouraged her peers to endure the challenges of being deaf students. Athena was also involved in a concert band and played percussion for three years. She’ll attend Bergen Community College in the fall. 

Silver Liming members are looking forward to awarding next year’s scholarship recipient as well as continuing to improve the lives of the people in our community through a year-round program of kind gestures. Kind gestures may be as simple as ordering coffee for a volunteer EMT, raking leaves for an elderly friend, or providing meals to a family while they are caring for a sick relative. 

Learn more about Silver Liming on Facebook at Silver Liming, Instagram @thesilverliming, or Make a donation through Venmo@Silver-Liming.

(above) Athena Nguyen was awarded the 2021 Silver Liming Making a Difference Scholarship.
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