Amy Shimalla and Amy Wechsler Join Lawrence Law

Amy Shimalla and Amy Wechsler

We are pleased to announce that

Amy Shimalla and Amy Wechsler

have joined Lawrence Law.

Amy and Amy have distinguished themselves in their legal careers and are highly regarded throughout New Jersey as skilled family law practitioners. They are recognized innovators and leaders in the alternate dispute resolution community, including mediation, arbitration, collaborative divorce, parenting coordination and serving as court-appointed guardians ad litem. In addition to their practices, they have trained hundreds of legal, mental health and financial professionals in mediation, collaborative divorce, and many areas of family law. Both women have devoted their professional lives to helping New Jersey families navigate the difficult process of divorce, each with her own unique combination of compassion, skill and common sense.

“We are thrilled that Amy Shimalla and Amy Wechsler, two of the most prestigious and respected matrimonial practitioners in this profession, have joined Lawrence Law. Their prominence and skill set in all alternative dispute resolution processes is unmatched. They teach it, train others, write about it as it is their passion to help families resolve their differences outside of the courtroom. They truly are masters of their craft. Lawrence Law is fortunate to add this dynamic duo to our already magnificent team. Their addition will enhance the full divorce and family law services offered at the firm.” – Jeralyn Lawrence.

Founded by Jeralyn Lawrence, Lawrence Law focuses on representing individuals in divorce and family law cases. The firm is comprised of a team of lawyers, paralegals and professional support staff who are always focused on what the client is experiencing while they work hard together to execute a tailored plan based upon the strategic goals of each individual client.

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