“Shifting Clouds” – An Exhibit by Artist Spencer Soletto at the Watchung Arts Center

Opening the 2018-19 season at the Watchung Arts Center, painter and sculptor Spencer Soletto will present “Shifting Clouds” in the Center’s Lower Gallery. The exhibition will be on display from September 4 through September 29, with an opening reception on Sunday, September 9, 2018 from 1 to 4 p.m. The exhibition and the reception are free and open to the public.

Spencer Soletto was born and educated in Somerville New Jersey, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from NJIT in 2016.

Passionate about his surroundings, his art began with haiku poetry, photography and philosophical studies while working and researching in fields where natural and mechanical forms coexisted and worked with each other for innovative, environmentally friendly design.

He began sculpture and painting to express his desires to combine natural with mechanical, fluid with structure, finding balance and form through this chaotic synthesis. Using industrial materials Spencer is entirely self-taught, influenced by a wide range of artists including the material and processes themselves.

Spencer’s art has appeared in a series of pop up shops in Chelsea NYC, in various group showings around NYC including 107 Bowers gallery, and incorporated in a large scale set design as graffiti artist. He is currently working out of locations in Somerville and Warren New Jersey.

Soletto intends his work to be viewed “in a similar calm and playful manner as cloud viewing. Provided with a large field of various forms I ask the viewer to search through finding both natural beauty of the clouds as they are themselves or what they seem to look like.”

The Watchung Arts Center is located at 18 Stirling Road, Watchung, NJ. For more information, call (908)-753-0190 or email wacenter@optonline.net. You can also visit their website watchungarts.org.

(above) Art by painter and sculptor Spencer Soletto, who will present “Shifting Clouds” exhibition at the Watchung Arts Center throughout September.